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AvatarKaren Santamaria

I kind of agree. But the only thing is that the team doctors don’t seem to be helping all that much. In the previous occurrences, she was placed in a boot with no movement and a whole lot of ice – as well as being isolated from the team. She’s in kind of a weird situation.

As far as the running technique goes, I would be surprised if that is an issue. She is currently about 1.5 frames into Pose when she is fresh – and only slight supination. And while I’m sure it breaks down a little towards the end of her race, it still doesn’t take her long to reach Pose (a major improvement from last season). Her indoor track has near right-angle turns, so that obviously does not help. Also, this recent issue started after we did about 40 broad jumps in our workout – which made her shins tight. Then the next morning she had a hard practice and afterwards is when it started hurting bad I believe. We did shin mashing/smearing, lacrosse ball on bottom of foot, calf mashing, heel cord whacking, foot smearing, ankle distraction, Voodoo band, and Marc Pro. Out of all of those, Voodoo and Marc Pro probably give the most relief, but then she aggravates it again at practice.