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AvatarAydan Mcmahon

For strengthening my feet, I have been trying to go barefoot around the house as much as possible while focusing on maintaining my arch when standing and walking.  I try to go for short walks without my orthotics.  I have done some contractions of the muscles in the arch as exercise as well, but maybe I should be doing more?

I am certainly trying to resolve my pronation!
I have not had anyone look at or video my running.
My knees are much less of a problem, but I am also doing a lot of exercises and rolling in that area so it’s hard to say.  I suspect if I stopped doing my knee maintenance, they would start to hurt again.
My ankle mobility is good.  I’ve never had issues with stability or range of motion.  I’ve tried a few of the ankle mobs but they usually make my ankle joint feel irritated and I have no testable benefits from them.
Thanks for your help