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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Yeah man, ankles are a freakin’ doozy.

I typically follow Kelly’s model of pairing mobility work with the training of the day, which helps me make sure I cover a lot of ground and ignore fewer problems, but I’ve found that in order to make considerable gains in certain problem areas I’ve also had to spend additional, consistent, FREQUENT time focusing on them. Ankle mobility has always been a huge issue for me, and only now that I’m working on it pretty intensely several times a week am I noting a marked improvement.
And it’s still pretty damn minimal and slow, all things considered. Without weight on my back, I just can’t compensate for most of the stiffness in my calves. Years and years of stacked abuse.
One thing I have found to work really well is to squat down and put a weight plate on one knee. Works really well for stretching that ankle in a squat-specific way. Also, the new mob’s he’s doing where you stretch with the foot raised on a box have allowed me to get a much more effective mobilization than most other ankle stretches I’ve tried.