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Yeah I totally understand this is not an over night thing.  I think the hardest part is that the changes are so small that you don’t notice over time.  I remember when I couldn’t get into the couch stretch on my right leg, but once I was able to I haven’t been able to truly measure the progress as it has been so small with out any real way to document it.   I remember I couldn’t step on a ball and smash my foot without pain, and now I can do it without an issue.   When I started internal rotation distractions I felt muscles changing, but now since I don’t have that feeling anymore its hard to find other spots to make my pattern perfect.

I am kind of operating in this press and guess system with the test and retest method.  I think my ankles/calves are in that newbie stage where I feel major change occurring — so I stick with it until I don’t feel that major change anymore.   
Since I started mwod, I have always focused on my ankles.  It just has become to the point where my ankles don’t stay supple for long so I assumed it was an upstream issue and thats why I talk about the hips a lot.  
Obviously it is a system so I need to stay balanced in the mobs.  I think everything I said in the opening post with my hips are an issue, but I think my ankles are a 9/10 and the rest is something I can deal with — I can however squat, but like you said you don’ t need that much range.
Again,  Thanks for your insights.