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AvatarNicholas Sadowski

I have the same issue as Jonathan describes, I got x-rays, and I DO have bone spurs… I asked for advice on whether to get them surgically removed in the link I posted (above), but I was discouraged from doing so, and end-range hip flexion mobs were recommended.  However, based on this video that was recommended to me (, it looks like I really do just have ankle dorsiflexion issues, not hip issues.  I’m watching Kstar demonstrate at the beginning of the video what it would look like to be inhibited by hip flexion, and that is not what I’m feeling.  Like Jonathan mentioned, I’m not even trying to squat or get into a pistol.  I’m just doing some ankle flexion mobility tests – basic stuff.  I hit a wall.  Here’s my discussion I just created on the matter (  I need help, too, and I feel like I have the same thing Jonathan has.

Matti, did you have your bone spurs removed?