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AvatarRaju Vusirikala

Thanks for the videos Kaitlin. To answer your questions I have been doing foot rolls with a lacrosse ball when I do my ankle mobility. My hamstrings have always been really tight as well. I can barely even reach to my ankles when I bend over. Would this have any effect on my squat restrictions? I also do lack some hip IR as I can’t keeps feet pointed straight ahead when I squat, but I don’t feel a lot of hip restriction when I squat but I know they are a little tight when I try to squat when I have weight overhead. My ankle flexion is definitely limited as I can barely get it to 90 degrees when I go into dorsiflexion. When I have plates under my heels when I do squats I can squat below parallel and almost reach butt to heels. I hope this answers some of your questions and thanks again for the help!