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AvatarRyan Cloutier

1. Diagnosis – X-ray is the best method (I had one done myself)

2. Orthotics – Not recommended. I even spoke to a prominent clinical bio-mechanics who does extensive research on orthotics, gait analysis and foot mechanics. He says its only recommended for more severe problems. Then he used this analogy: If you wear a brace in your arm for the rest of your life.  Your muscle will eventually atrophy and you will get more problems. Its the same with your arches and feet.
Basically I am stuck in a dilemma as well. Their is controversy of whether or not to wear a heel wedge. Its generally accepted that if you have an anatomical leg length discrepancy of greater than 2cm than it is advised to wear a heel wedge. If its less than 0.5cm than it is not advised to wear a heel wedge (a large portion of the population has a leg length discrepency of less than 0.5 cm). Theirs some controversy tho on what to do if a person has a length discrepency between 0.6cm and 2cm. On the lower end of this spectrum you might not be adviced to wear a heel wedge, However on the higher end, it might be advised to wear one. My dilemma is that I have an anatomical leg length discrepency of 1.1 cm, so it lies right in the middle of this spectrum. 
Honoustly, I think you shouldn’t worry about orthotics. It will just lead to more problems and injuries. You seem to be doing fine without them.