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Hi Kefu, 

Thanks I did read your post before posting this, but as you state – I couldn’t draw a definitive conclusion from it. It has been estimated (as no XRAY taken yet) that my left leg is between 1.1-1.3 CM shorter.
I hope you have had some success with the advice here, sounds like you were in a lot of pain bro.
Hi David, 

-I have three independent physios mention that I have an anatomical LLD, without me bringing it up first. I am yet to have an XRAY although I will push for it.

-That mobility video and the subsequent variations e.f Pelvic tweak reset + gut smash + QL LAX ball in one session I use when ever I really lock up my hips – Its a life saver, I’m back moving within 48 hours. This process removes some of the difference but I can still my hips slightly higher on one side.

I’ll keep posting on this, as I progress or have more info to share.