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AvatarBailey Martinez

    From what I’ve learned, the knee’s can come forward, but they should be one of the last things to load during a regular squat (air, box, back – high and low). The front squat is the only exception since your torso needs to remain quite vertical. Also, try to make sure that the most they ever come forward is to your toes. But ultimately, target keeping them pulled back and shins vertical as much as possible

    It’s nice to see others going through the same issues I’ve gone through. I had PFS and needed to work on my VMO as well. But the biggest thing that helped was applying external rotation from the hip/femur all the way down my leg to create a good arch in my foot – at the time I had also been diagnosed with an extreme flat foot and was overpronating quite a bit.

    Keeping the arch during everyday movements and sports has been then key to my success. It just becomes difficult during sports when I can’t concentrate on the arch.

    If you’re falling backwards – check your arch during ankle mobility work, and make sure your hip flexors and adductors aren’t crazy tight. The latter is where most of my problems still lay.