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AvatarKeith Broussard

I would suggest two books. Ready to run by Kelly and your whole body barefoot by Katie Bowman. Both are quick reads.

The foot and ankle are much more intricate than a single mobilization can cover. Don’t forget to mobilize and strengthen the tissues of the actual foot and get all of the compartments of the shin i.e. the front both sides of the tibia.

What may have happened in your case as you work out some of the tension on the posterior chain didn’t address the anterior. The muscles that control dorsiflexion remain tight and had nothing to balance them out so they pull stuff out of whack without the balancing tension. That’s crazy oversimplified there’s a lot more going on there but you get the idea.

Look into banded distractions and smashing of the foot ankle and entire lower leg complex. Voodoo flossing is another good idea.

Also see Roop and Jami series on the foot and ankle.