AvatarSimon Garland

You did not mention if you limp while you run or walk. Forward progression while walking or running is the most important movement  to work on before jumping. This uses the plantar fascia in a organized manner with the Achilles tendon to build usable control of the ankle at it’s end range in plantar flexion. Dorsiflexion range is important but power in plantar flexion is your goal. Sometimes these repairs stretch out over time and the elastic properties, the fast twitch fibers, do not come back. I have seen quite a few repairs of this nature and about half made it back to full scale workouts. Be sure to check the mobility of the ankle joint itself to make sure you are not missing the sliding of the talus to the rear in max dorsiflexion. Loss of mobility of the talus will restrict the pistol and cause the ankle to collapse to the inside. Good luck.

Tim Daley PT