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AvatarSimon Molyneux

Yes thank you, I smashed my whole calf properly and my dorsi flexion range has improved, I’m thinking hopefully I could be so flexible in my calf complex it could compensate for my Achilles overlapping from surgery

As for my Achilles’ elastic properties being not as able to generate as much power ( most notably in a vertical/lateral jump ) I’m thinking to skip with a rope , as mentioned in Kelly Starretts “ready to run” book, hopefully that will help

Haha yes I’m always stressed out because of the injury , so it’s very counter intuitive but I’ll try to be more calm

Yes PNF works very well, but no matter how much I mobilize it, it still feels like something isn’t right , but anyhow I’ll try to sort it out
.. And I’ll see a doctor/ physio too
Cheers thanks for help 🙂