AvatarMary Dulaney

The achilles issue did not originate from running,  I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but it would flare up during my normal strength and conditioning (Power Athlete, Grindstone) programming.

Yes to working upstream and downstream, plantar fascia voodoo smashing, bone saw, and anterior tibialis smashing. I just can’t seem to ball whack properly to feel like I’m getting a good response from it.
The achilles kept getting aggravated for a few days each month starting in September, where January I experienced the most pain and it took much longer to “heal” the tissue. As far as training goes, nothing had changed.
I’m seeing improvements with ROM especially in my right ankle but nothing with respect to alleviating pain or attacking the soft tissues itself. Left ankle ROM is not good at all and the PT exercises hasn’t done much to improve it.
I’ve replaced my work shoes and boots, might be high time to replace my workout shoes which are metcon 2’s that I’ve had for probably a year? The soles don’t show much wear, so I haven’t considered replacing them. Follow up: should I go with insoles per the PT, or just work on more mobility, maybe do some intensive work on my calves? FYI, these big calves definitely do not like pressure applied to them, which is a good indicator that they need some lovin’.