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AvatarDanielle Watson

Hi Kaitlin, 

I ended up tearing the lateral meniscus. I went to two separate orthopedist and they both recommended getting the torn piece removed.  The tear was in the “white zone” and both doctors said that it would not heal well and most likely tear again if I opted to have it repaired rather than removed. I was able to get in for surgery quickly and the doctor ended up removing 20% of the lateral meniscus. Both the ortho and the PT I started with last Friday have given me a 6 week estimate for the time that I won’t be able to do any lower body work or return to running. 
For the time being I plan on working on what I can mobility wise, and I’ll pretty much limit any workouts to upper body only. 
I’ll check out the 14-day challenge to see where I might be able to pinpoint some weaker/immobile areas. 
Thank you for following up!