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For each session do a max of 3 mobs.
You want to spend quality time vs trying to address too many things at once.
As you start addressing the biggest limiting factors you’ll see other things start to come around and other tings may come up.
Some of the episodes will hit the area that needs work better than others depending on your situation. See which work most effectively and go with those.
Some to take a look at:
Episode 265: 100 Episodes Left, Now Go Open Your Hips
Episode 92: Mile High Club Hip Opener, Absolutely
Episode 70: A New Oslo Hip Mob & Horizontal Scap Mob
Episode 97: Improved Hip Mobility for Better Squatting Tomorrow
Episode 119: Most Embarrassing Hip Mob Ever-The Quidditch
Episode 144: Ze Hip Flexion
Episode 166: Ninja Recovery and Some Shoulder & Hip Love
Episode 168: Muscle Lengthening AND Sliding Surface Restoration
Episode 182: Open Up Your Hips and Squat
Episode 198: Open Up You Hips For Better Squatting
I recommend reading Hamstrung
It is a free download for subscribers to the CFJ. You can complete a free registration here or email me [email protected] and I’ll send you the PDF.
Episode 354: Make Your Own Super Floss/High Hamstring & Hip Gnar Gnar

Athlete’s ROM: Full Posterior Chain- Are You Dysnormal?
High Hamstring Gnar, Trigger Points, and Up Stream/Down Stream
Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring
Episode 272: TJ Murphy Edition and Hamstring Stiffness

Episode 184: Olympian Disco Pain Ball +Hamstrings
Episode 104: Hammer Your High Hammy

Episode 82: Protect your scrotch or: Medial hamstring fun
Episode 58: Weird Hamstring Problems and Simple Neurodynmaics

I recommend watching this webinar The Big Engine: Anatomy and Function of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Complex to understand more on how things work and work together