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AvatarMartin Beaudet

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the feedback.

About the pigeon I can’t do it, even on the ground or less than 90°, because the pain is too intense 🙁 I will have to find another way.

Thank you for the ice, I will read more on that.

About the couch stretch. Is it OK if my knee does not touch the wall ? I mean, if I keep my torso at ~45°, my hand on the ground with my other knee on the ground I can do it, also I can squiz the glute. But when I’m doing the complete movement as Kelly, my knee can’t be keep against the wall, there a space of 1 or 2 inch, and obviously I can’t squiz the glutes. What should I do ? Use the partial mouvement and priorize the glut squizing ? Or continue with the complete movement and wait until I can squiz the glut et keep the knee against the wall ?

Best regards,