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Hey Chris!

Here is a mobility routine to get you started!

Goal #1 is to desensitize the area and restore mobility. So, aside from your mobility routine and restoring the positions in the shoulder, I would recommend adjusting your training and reducing volume on exercises that aggravate the biceps and anterior shoulder. You have to allow the tendon sensitivity to subside. Then Goal #2 is to attempt to build specific tendon capacity through direct training when tolerance allows. Exercises such such as the eccentric overloading in a palm facing up front raise with a band that you have been using are a great place to start. You mentioned you already found relief with this exercise so this is a good indicator you are loading the biceps with an appropriate level of exercise. Keep consistent with these and your mobility work (10min a day) and then progressively add in other curl variations that place the shoulder in a flexed posture (like the preacher curl) and as time goes on to greater angles of extension until eventually you are able to train full ROM pain free. Be patient and don’t push past the tolerance level of the biceps tendon.

Also, biceps tendon health is strongly correlated to rotator cuff function and integrity. Reduced rotator cuff capacity may increase compensatory mechanisms of tendon degradation within the long head of the biceps tendon. So probably not a bad idea to include exercises specific to the rotator cuff in your programming to reduce compensatory strain experienced by the biceps within training.

Best of luck!

TRS Staff

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