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Thanks Michael and Kelly. I was short on details.

I was looking to kill two birds with one kettlebell. I want to work on spinal flex but in this case I was thinking about hips, too.

I have a DIY wood squat platform in the backyard made from 4x6s. 3 feet wide. It works well, if I bail on the weight the iron plates hit the dirt. I have been doing deadlifts off of the platform, too, but lengthwise and the wood has getting beat up. I gave the deadlifts a try crosswise, with the weights on the ground the bar was 4″ lower than usual. I noticed a pinch in my outer hip. I stopped and the pinch didn’t come back, I’ve done deadlifts since, at regular height, without issue. Thinking that I lacked some mobility it made me think of Jcurls as a stretch to go below norm.

I’m a yogi and have a decent forward fold with forehead 2 inches from my shins and never feel anything in hip. But I do have problems with hip abduction but I didn’t think that was the issue since my heels were about 2 fists apart in the deadlift.

Thanks for mentioning doing the cat/cow as a warmup I’ll work that into my routine. My yoga is 4-5 hours after my workout.

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