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This is a situation where you may need to seek a provider. If your are injured and your shoulder is feeling loose in the socket I think it would be a good time to seek out a professional. If you are noticing shifting in the socket you may be experiencing shoulder subluxation and a physio may be able to help you rehab your shoulder to work on exercises that restore the range of motion, strength, and stability of the shoulder joint.

To avoid this issue down the road take a look at the shoulder archetypes on the TRS website. With Crossfit there are many movements that require you to have full access to our shoulder range of motion in order to perform the movements without compensations. If you are experiencing pain or instability in movements such as Kipping or hanging positions you could be lacking full ROM in your shoulders leading to funky compensations that put our shoulders into less than desirable positions. TRS website has tons to great videos helping you restore and establish full access to your shoulder ROM. Work through the shoulder archetypes on the TRS site and own those shapes. Also if you are new to Crossfit you may need to establish a baseline level of strength and stability around your shoulder before you are ready to perform more advanced movements like kipping or toes to bar. Get a coach to help watch you move and scale the movements. Best of luck!!!