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Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

    Hi Nathan,
    Bummer to hear of the pain you are experiencing.
    You can experience more pain following a session because you are starting to correct and/or change something.
    You may be moving through new ranges or using muscles& soft tissue which has not been used in the past to complete a movement.
    Is it pain or soreness?

    Are you working up/downstream of where you are experiencing the pain?
    Where the pain is isn’t always where it originates.

    Have you used a voodoo band on the elbow and shoulder?
    I’d suggest visiting the elbow section on the pain section of the VMC.
    Doing a search on the archive of the VCM will give you many options as well.
    You can search delt and trap on the archive.

    Have you completed The Ready State Assessments for the upper body?
    This can help direct what needs attention.
    Scroll to the second row, second video block, click and start.

    Taking the quiz to get your mobility score can help direct you on what to address.

    If the issue is in the Overhead position have you completed the Overhead Challenge programming?
    Does this help?