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AvatarKal Patrick

Wow Kaitlin, that was quick!! TRS set the bar at a different level. In response to your questions…
Yep, banded hip distraction is actually me working upstream. My hips cause relatively little discomfort (unless I go into certain positions which I am pretty good at avoiding). My main issue is knee pain and am working hard on the hips in an effort to alleviate that.

My physio proposed the tightness around my hips is the body’s natural response to the deformities/instability and trying to alleviate it may in fact be working against me as I lose that stability. He, like most, has proposed exceptional glute/core control and getting as strong as possible in the limited ROM that I have. The hope is that, particularly as I strengthen the posterior chain, it may actually facilitate some improved ROM in the hip. If not, it would still be strong in the positions I am able to achieve pain free.

I have most definitely thought of the pros and cons of surgery and believe I’m a strong candidate for it and becoming more accepting of that. I guess my questions should be: does banded distraction have the potential to overcome hip deformities? It’s obviously impossible to know how far down that road I am from your end but have you guys had success with it in dealing with impingements? How often would you propose doing it? Does it have the potential to do more harm then good? As always, thanks for the constant insight and content….having done disgusting amounts of research online and the number of new tutorials and hacks I’ve stupidly sat though, TRS no doubt stand head and shoulders above the rest.