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AvatarJon Luhman

    Hi Kaitlin, thank you for the response. To answer your questions, I typically feel pain when I’m sitting. Thankfully, I don’t feel it while running now. My first three rounds of PT didn’t help, but I had a PRP injection–unclear whether this helped–and started a fourth round of PT about 9 months ago. They’ve had me focus on eccentric exercises of the hamstring, and strengthening the glutes and legs with glute bridges, split squats, and Romanian deadlifts. I can definitely tell that my glutes are stronger now, and I’m able to run up to five miles. However, I had zero pain at the sit bone up until about a month ago, and now I have pain while sitting. My concern is the potential for the pain to get worse if I continue running.

    Thank you for sending the links as well. I’m new to TRS and hadn’t looked at the Mobility Archives, but I ended up checking them out after posting. I did look at the hamstring exercises under the Pain section of Virtual Mobility Coach, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I’ll try the ones you sent, but please let me know if there’s anything else you’d recommend.