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Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

    I did read your initial post.
    In your first post you said “I cannot find a search function anywhere on the site.” This is why I replied with where to search the archive. Searching the archive can take some refining of terms and/or multiple searches because there are so many episodes within the archive. Yes, it can seem like work. Yes, there are several places to look based on the amount of information on the site, app,instagram, etc.
    10 days out is a time you need to be following your doctor’s protocols etc., then PT when cleared.
    This is a situation that is in a doctor’s scope to comment on.

    I had an important trip and I was not on my computer. I had a sizable change within my life which I was working through.
    I’m not making excuses, however, I had some things which needed my attention.

    I help people within the forum because I like to help people solve their problems, get things in a better place, and/or work through a situation. I have personal experience working through a pretty serious situation which gives a different perspective on working through an injury and/or recovery time. If I can help someone to avoid mistakes I made or give perspective on a situation/experience that may help a shift in perspective on something they are experiencing that is why I do it.