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Here is the answer on where to start from the FAQ

If you’re new to The Ready State, the first thing you should do is take our free quiz.
Scroll to the Frequently Asked Questions.
Click on question #5 I’m new to The Ready State, where should I start?
Scroll to the bottom of the answer and there is a link to take the quiz.

We’ll ask you a handful of questions, and at the end give you your Ready State Score. This number reveals how well you are (or aren’t) getting into The Ready State. And based on your answers, we will share customized resources that can help you Live Ready…

Struggling with pain or stiffness? We’ll point you to the tools and techniques you can use to alleviate both.

Looking to improve your exercise performance and recovery? We’ll reveal the exact protocols Dr. Kelly Starrett uses with athletes in the NFL, Olympics, and beyond.

Score a perfect 10? We’ll show you the best way to make sure you stay in The Ready State — so you don’t slide backwards.

Discover your own Ready State Score now!

The Getting Started/Help Center has answers to other common questions when starting with mobility.

Yes, The Ready State Assessment
is a place to start following the quiz.

Another option is the 14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 1 scroll down the video is the 2nd picture

To access the other days go to the Search Archive option from the Virtual Mobility Coach
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Other questions let us know.