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AvatarAlberto Arape

Dear Kaitlin,

Thank you very much for the reply.

As far as what I’ve tried to address the situation; working with the running coach on my form was probably what helped the most since before I was running up on my toes which clearly overstrained my calves quite a bit. As far as soft tissue work, voodoo flossing is the most effective thing to deal with pain or swelling. Scraping and foam rolling doesn’t seem to do too much, but I still incorporate it to make sure my calf doesn’t get too tight. What hasn’t really worked is switching around shoes, orthotics or changing running surfaces. The most effective solution is honestly either to not run or to take some good old NSAIDs but neither is really an good option.

My running shoes are relatively new, my walking around shoes (pair of flat merrill’s) and boots might be due for a change though.

As far as my warm-up, that’s definitely been my weakest point with regards to pre/post-hab work and I’m trying to incorporate the one in the Ultimate Running Series (I’ll also be sure to check the Brian Mackenzie one). I have definitely noticed a difference between doing a proper warm-up and not as far as perceived rate of exertion and also pain.

I am also working up and downstream, in particular doing a lot of work with my feet and ankle. Also I’ve noticed I have poor hip extension so definitely working on that.

Thank you for the links and the help.

Warm Regards,