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AvatarMatt Brahim

I’ve been doing a lot of ankle mobility, hip mobilizations, couch stretch, soft tissue work on calves, quads and hips. I make sure to have the arches of my feet engaged. I’ve seen a little bit of progress in range of motions but still pain in certain positions.

Squat mechanics are good. Better than they were before I had the knee pain. For awhile I’ve had discomfort in my left lateral knee when I would do certain things like forcing my leg out further in a middle splits position or in a cossack squat. When the gyms initialed shut down back in March I started doing a lot of bodyweight lunges and squats and then I noticed my other knee was hurting. Thats when I really started focusing on my squat, feet, ankle mobility and hips.

I’ve definitely made progress in terms of range of motion and knowledge about the body since focusing on these things and really using this site but for some reason I feel I’ve had more discomfort in my knees and right ankle where the heel connects to the calf even though my range of motion is much better and I can sit in a deep squat for longer.