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Chris SalinasChris Salinas

Hello, my name is Chris Salinas, I recently just turned 22 & I have been following The Ready State for about 6 months & had been planning to enroll in this program for quite a while now to further expand my knowledge in this field. That being said, I am custom truck/car restorer & have worked on vehicles for several years now. However, as much as I enjoy the end result of a finished vehicle, the labor does take a toll on me. In 2021, I had a major low back surgery, which was a Unilateral Resection of L6 Transverse Process; what lead me to this was the constant day to day pain I was having (sciatica nerve pain in left leg, & low left back stiffness). After over 10 doctors had evaluated me they discovered I had Bertolotti Syndrome Type 2C. This just means that my last transverse process was articulating into my sacrum on my left side & is closer than abnormal on my right. I was given 2 surgical options by 2 different well know doctors. Option 1 was a resection (shave excess bone). Option 2, special fusion to stabilize excess piece that was already trying to form into the sacrum.

Fast forward to today, 1 year & a couple weeks after a resection surgery, I can say I am about 95% better after 2 PRP sessions & implementing mobility & functional movements into my life. I gradually began weight training since about 2 months ago & I started to feel great with no issues. I can train to my full potential in the gym, but when it comes to doing auto labor I get bad nerve flare ups in my leg when I am on my feet for too long.

I have decided I am going to take some time off while focusing completely in my fitness & health as a former high school multi sport athlete. That being said, I love to help friends & family dealing w/ their specific issue while explaining information that I have learned from TRS that may be useful to each individual. I would some day like to train & inform others as well on the benefits of implementing mobility, functional movements, etc into their lives on a day to day base.

Chris Salinas, 22
Uvalde, Tx (Originally from Laredo, Tx)
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