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Below is a summary of what I have been doing. Not sure this is above what we can discuss in this forum, but either way if you have any other thoughts feel free to let me know. Thank you!

We have been working on soft tissue restrictions around the hips and lower back (upstream and downstream). This has shown improvement, but has not allowed pain free movement long term. Our next step is to decrease pain and increase exposure. Here is what we discovered through our assessment and movements.
Right sacral-iliac joint or lower back is moving too much causing discomfort
Right sacral-iliac joint or lower back is moving too much due to scar tissue on right hip/leg pulling on that area when in different positions
Spinal flexion, pelvic tilts seem to aggravate this area
Spinal extension and lateral flexion does not seem to aggravate this area
When doing a deep squat using an assist lower right side is painful
Massage and Pilates:
After releasing right hip/leg scar tissue this pain goes away temporarily
Pin and stretch hip/leg scar tissue (Myofacial release of the tissue) seems to help
Hip spin up seems to help
After creating stability (engaging the pelvic floor, abdominals and glutes) this seems to prevent pain because the engagement is not allowing the scar tissue to pull.
Questions and thoughts:
Can we use this desensitization techniques combined with exposing the tissue to stability and strength to retrain the hips/lower back to work without pain.
Is is possible that by continuing to release the scar tissue that there may be more neurological symptoms going on down right leg?