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There could be elements within your day which continue to cause the pain.
Have you thought about sleeping position?
Episode 38: Your Pillow is Killing Your Neck?
Are you working more hours on a computer or sitting?
Episode 109: The Neck of a Desk Warrior Poet
Saturday, December 24th, 2016 – Neck Pain
Is your head forward of your body?
Episode 169: Forward Head On Neck Position
You can do the 14 day challenge as it is laid out and have notes on what needs more work.

I recommend signing up for the 14 Day Overhead Mobility Challenge which begins June 1st.

On The Ready State App in the Bonus Content there is the 14 Day Squat Mobility Challenge from March. I’m not sure how long it will remain on there. I recommend that to improve the squat archetype.

There are multiple places to find additional doses to improve your mobility.
You can search the archive for each archetype.
On sessions do work until you see change or until you stop seeing change. Min 2:00 of work on an area.
Keep an eye out for other mobility challenges.

Within the Workout Section there are pre and post for each archetype.
In the warm up there is a shoulder and hip warm up.
The daily mobility 10:00, 20:00, 30:00 sections list the focus areas for each.
Kelly’s Down Regulation Class lists focus areas for each episode.

There are more within the store which are awesome resources to build your understanding and knowledge of how things work and inter relate.
Let us know how things are progressing.
Other questions?