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Keenan ErikssonKeenan Eriksson

As a previous commenter said, there’s not much research, but this doesn’t mean they don’t work. Percussion guns are so new, I’d be surprised if we saw true research within the next 5 years. Research is expensive, and in the case of physical therapy techniques, you can infer much of the benefit without a double blind placebo controlled trial backing you up. With that said, Kelly has a couple vids of using percussing just to improve blood flow. He shows on an infrared camera how a mere 90 seconds with a percussion gun increases bloodflow in an area that was low.

They’re great for pain. They’re relatively quick at creating a change. Worth getting for sure in my opinion.

A deep foam rolling session seems better for me when it comes to making big changes, especially with deeper tissues, but usually when I’m in a rush I don’t want to lay on a foam roller for 5 minutes. For simple pain and quick relief, the massage guns are unbeatable.