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AvatarAnselm-Paul Weickert

    Just to recap since it’s been a while: – chronic iliopsoas pain for 15 years.  iliopsoas tender to the touch.  Gets really bad sitting – not just in a sitting-is-bad-for-you kind of way, but the joint starts to feel like it’s hyper inflamming on the spot – starts to feel 4 times it’s size and bulgy making sitting impossible.  Hard to explain.  iliopsoas always tender to the touch.  No back pain.  

    Update: Lately as I strengthen and exercise (doing cross fit like stuff in a group) don’t feel nearly as much pain in my iliopsoas but I am getting a LOT of nervy pain all the time (resting, sleeping, standing) in my lateral quad on that same side.  Also any psoas stretch feels meh to good on the psoas itself but a serious b*tch on my lateral quad – at the least bad tearing sensation (especially when I squeeze my glutes), but most of the time tearing and nervy/tingly.  If it’s nervy I stop.  Sometimes I can warm up to it then stretch without nervy.  

    Basically, since I’ve been doing rehab to hip flexor pain, my hip has gotten better, but lateral quad has gotten worse – and specifically more nervy even resting.  This happens every time I start to exercise and get in a routine.  My hip gets better but my quad gets worse and nervy.