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AvatarAnselm-Paul Weickert

Thanks Kaitlin!  

I just started my own business so chiro isn’t in the cards currently.  I did go to one about 6 years ago.  Maybe I didn’t stick with it long enough but didn’t get any relief.  
I have no idea what is causing the problem, but will just do as many mobs as I can everyday and try to keep hope alive!

No way can do a pistol without falling backwards.  I hold on to a ledge to hang out in the squat position.  Feet are not straight either so my ankles definitely lack range.  
Great news though I did redid the calf stretches from episode 3 (downstream) and the dull ache in my hip completely cleared up!!  So guessing that is definitely a piece.  So strange to me that my iliopsoas feels better after a calf stretch but it’s true.  Also putting my leg in traction with strap just attached to my ankle (forget which WOD that was in) seems to help.
When I do deep hip flexion mobs like the squat position but others too my left hip joint feels like it’s being squashed. Almost like it’s too big to allow for that much compaction – the actual joint.  Maybe that’s the capsule?  What is the capsule?  
I also watched a mob where Kelly said a tearing sensation is good.  Did I understand that correctly?  
What are good mobs upstream from hips? 
Other notes: I can’t squeeze my glutes at all in couch position.  Barely can in a basic runner stretch.  Also I can squeeze my butt standing but as soon as I start to go down in a squat can not.  Are you supposed to be able to?  Feels like my body isn’t even made to do that?  I can still brace with my abs.  
Great news! Figured out a way to test/retest that stops my hip from clicking.  Laying on back, if I lengthen my leg out and down (like I’m doing pilates) my hip clicks (test).  If then I do one legged bridge pose really focusing on squeezing my butt and holding it, then retest my hip doesn’t click.  After 3 or 4 reps it starts clicking again, but if I do the bridge it “fixes” it again temporarily and it actually feels fine/functional.  The longer and more intense I do the bridge the more reps the fix stays in the retest.