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First you’ll want to address any of the movement patterns that caused the pain. You’ll want to check your front rack, press, and overhead positions to make sure you’re not compensating at the elbow for any mobility limitations during your workouts. You can assess these here at the getting started tab (https://thereadystate.com/getting-started/).

As with most joint issues you’ll want to look upstream and downstream of the issue work on any soft tissue limitations around the elbow so keep smashing and rolling out that area:

For example:

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 – Recover Your Triceps

You’ll still want to be as active as possible but that may require some activity modification. Doesn’t mean to stop but just modify so as not to flare up the area even more. However, that area around the elbow will need to be loaded as part of the rehab process, but the key is to slowly progress how much you load this region. Start light weights to build up capacity. If you immediately start with heavy heavy resistance it will not be effective. Eccentrics have shown to be effective for tendon issues. Start out with exercises such as french press, tricep kick backs, or bandy tricep extensions.

Here is a great finisher as well with the vodoo bands addressing closing down the elbow and rotation around the elbow. Definitely worth a try.

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 – Elbow & Triceps Recovery