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AvatarMike du Randt

Thanx for your input John and Charlie.

The joy of GOWOD was that it did tell you what to do for your restrictions. However I used that app for a long time and struggled with results. TRS has been helping a bit more. If you’ve downloaded the Ready State app you can see in the bonus content that the 14 day squat challenge is there. Im currently working through that. Certainly feeling less tight and stiff everyday.

With all that being said, I’m trying my best to put in the time with mobility. Easier now with the world on lockdown, but spending a good 30min minimum working through the squat challenge etc. I also try the morning routine which is a 10min hip opener, as well as an evening session as well before bed, normally soft tissue work on a foam roller.
If i find an exercise that is hell (hamstring floss/couch stretch) then i spend more time working through those.

I struggle like you both with a few of the archetypes. So i picked one (squat) and just put attention to that. More focus on one area to correct one issue at a time. Then moving on to the others at a later stage. I do believe the daily maintenance is a great one to just keep in addition to the day.

Thats just what I’ve gone with – hope that helps?