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Hi Michael, thanks for helping, probably yesterday I was contacted by the medical rehabilitator, but to tell me why because of the coronavirus issue, all the rehabilitation rooms have been destined for the coronavirus and until the state of alarm decreed by the government of Spain ends. I will be able to approach by the facilities. So he gave me the alternative of mailing me an exercise chart for my rehabilitation.
As it did not give me much confidence, since the free social security means that we have in my city do not have a good reputation, I do not finish trusting them, so with your answer and the one that Kelly already gave me I will try to follow your guidelines, The truth is that I have been following TRS for 5 days and it improved a lot.
Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I apologize if the translation is not very good since I am as I have already said from Spain and I still do not control English very well.
Postscript: Take very seriously quarantine for the coronavirus as it is not something to take lightly, here we arrived a week late and the contagion has gone wild, I beg you to take it seriously for the sake of the elderly population , here we are losing cruelly for having collapsed the public and private health system.
I wish you the best, thank you very much.