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Hello Antagus!

Are you still in contact with your MD or physio? Have they given you a protocol to follow? If you are able I would reach out to them as they know the specifics of your situation. Many clinicians are still offering virtual sessions to follow up with patients during the quarantine. In general around the 45 day mark you would be working on restoring ROM and doing some strengthening exercises such as squat variations (box squat, wall sits, SL squat to box), hip hinging, lunge variations, planks, glute bridges etc. As well as some balance drills like SL balance, tandem stance, y balance, etc. Push to regain strength and mobility but all exercises should not go to the point of aggravating the hip. If you have Vodoo bands you could also add them for some of the strength exercises for blood flow restriction training to increase the challenge of the exercise. Soft tissue work would also be good above and below the area with roller or lacrosse ball. Again if possible reach out to your provider and they can help progress you best from where you left off in rehab. Stay safe!