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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Alex,

Remember the golden rule of “if it feels sketchy its sketchy”. Like Kaitlin said, make sure you are loading the hips before the knees when squatting, and maybe take your squat test in doses. That tendon is hot, and its trying to tell you it’s under way more stress than it wants to be.
Aside from cleaning up your movement errors, which probably resulted in the tendonitis in the first place, smash the hell out of your quads and feed some slack to that patella. Move better, take some tension out, and that should be a strong fix. However, if the fire doesn’t go out, you might need to seek treatment from a physio (etc.) to help speed along the tendon healing while you deal with the cause of the issue.
A couple years before I discovered MobilityWOD I was sporting a nice double case of patellar tendinits, no doubt because I jumped around a lot and my mechanics were terrible. I’m talking sloppy jumps loaded with a barbell BAD. Pain free these days, but it was my first experience with a foam roller, and my quads were a mess.