It’s Day #11 of our 21-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

You made it through all 10 Essential Habits. That’s 10 Vital Signs and their accompanying Assessments, Physical Practices, and Mobilizations.

What now? Simple. Keep going. For the remaining 11 days we have daily videos, stacked Physical Practices, and recommended Mobilizations for you to follow.

The goal now is to take what you’ve learned and make them HABITS that STICK.

Enjoying the Challenge? Share on Social! Post a video or photo of you doing an assessment, physical practice, or mobilization and use the hashtag #builttomovechallenge. Tag us at @thereadystate and @julietstarrett.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Making It All Work” (page 273)

Stacked Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)
• Practice nose-only breathing throughout the day (From Day #2)
• Walk 8-10K steps (try three post-meal walks per day) (From Day #4)
• Consume 800 grams fruits & vegetables (From Day #6)
• Consume individualized grams of protein (From Day #6)
• 11 Sit-Stands (From Day #7)
• Practice Y-Balance Mobilization (From Day #8)
• Accumulate 50 minutes of standing while working or dynamic sitting (From Day #9)
• Follow Sleep Hygiene Practices (From Day #10)

Equipment Needed: None

Follow Along Mobilizations (3)

Equipment Needed: Ball or Roller, Band