It’s Day #10 of our 21-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!


The last Essential Habit is certainly not the least. Sleep is the linchpin. It is the hub that everything else revolves around. If you want to improve your scores on all the previous Vital Sign Assessments and get the most out of the Physical Practices, start by getting sufficient sleep.

In Day #10 we will evaluate how many hours of sleep you are getting at night, provide some Sleep Hygiene tips, and recommend a couple of Mobilizations that Kelly uses to fall asleep quickly.

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Vital Sign 10: Unleash Your Superpower: Sleep

Sleep is truly a superpower. Why? Because most people are NOT getting high-quantity, high-quality sleep every night, and when you do, you really can feel superhuman.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 10: Unleash Your Superpower: Sleep” (pp. 246- 266)

Assessment 1: Hours Count

This Assessment seeks to discover how many hours you are actually sleeping each night. Not hours in bed – actual hours spent snoozing. While it’s not required, a wearable sleep tracking device can help provide a more accurate assessment.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to page 250 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: None

Physical Practice: Sleep Hygiene Practices

Here is our list of Sleep Hygiene Practices that we employ every night in our home, to great effect. We go into greater detail for each practice in Built To Move (pp 258-265), but the list below will give you a great start towards achieving deeper, denser sleep each night.

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time, even on weekends
  • Move throughout the day
  • Be careful with caffeine
  • No technology in the bedroom; limit it before bedtime
  • Drink very little alcohol (or none at all)
  • Cool down
  • Wind down
  • Make your bedroom a dark, quiet place
  • Overestimate the time you need to spend in bed
  • Mimic your bedtime routine when you travel

Equipment Needed: None

Stacked Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)
• Practice nose-only breathing throughout the day (From Day #2)
• Walk 8-10K steps (try three post-meal walks per day) (From Day #4)
• Consume 800 grams fruits & vegetables (From Day #6)
• Consume individualized grams of protein (From Day #6)
• 10 Sit-Stands (From Day #7)
• Practice balance play (From Day #8)
• Accumulate 40 minutes of standing while working or dynamic sitting (From Day #9)

Equipment Needed: None

Follow Along Mobilizations (2)

Equipment Needed: Wall or Counter, Roller or Large Ball