It’s Day #8 of our 10-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

Find your balance!

Our goal today is to turn your ability to balance back on. Think your balance is just fine? Let’s reserve self-congratulations until AFTER you take the Assessment.

What we believe: EVERYONE, no matter their age or athletic ability, needs to be practicing balance. Good balance makes for a safer, more confident, more mobile, less pain-afflicted human. Balance is the unsung hero – and so today we are going to sing its praises.

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Vital Sign 8: Find Your Balance

There are various ways to measure balance. We chose two particular tests because they assess different elements of the ability. Both tests will tell a lot about your feet, which are inextricably connected to balance.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 8: Find Your Balance” (pp. 207- 225)

Assessment 1: SOLEC Test

Your ability to balance depends on three main factors: your inner ear; sensory receptors in the muscles, tendons, fascia, and joints; and eyesight. The SOLEC Test removes the last factor from the equation, forcing the others to carry the weight. The Test will give us a good indication of how well they are working.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to pp. 210-211 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: None

Assessment 2: Old Man Balance Test

Don’t let the name of the test fool you. This will challenge the old and young alike. That said, we included it in the book because we are confident that EVERYONE can pass it – with practice.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to page 212 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: Pair of Shoes

Physical Practice: Y Balance

Equipment Needed: None

Stacked Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)
• Practice nose-only breathing throughout the day (From Day #2)
• Walk 8-10K steps (try three post-meal walks per day) (From Day #4)
• Consume 800 grams fruits & vegetables (From Day #6)
• Consume individualized grams of protein (From Day #6)
• 8 Sit-Stands (From Day #7)

Equipment Needed: None

Extra Credit: Jump Rope or Bouncing

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope

Follow Along Mobilizations (3)

Equipment Needed: None