It’s Day #6 of our 10-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

Let’s talk food.

Day #6 takes a hard look at the American diet and endeavors to clear up much of the food confusion we see rampant in all corners of society. We’ve all heard the trope “you are what you eat,” but it follows that how – and what – you eat relates to how you move.

In short, no program designed to improve durability and restore mobility would be complete without addressing the food issue.

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Vital Sign 6: Eat Like You’re Going to Live Forever

Food confusion is real. What to eat, when to eat it, what to limit, what to avoid. We have two Assessments with accompanying Practices that will simplify how you look at daily nutrition. These are measurable, achievable goals that have direct impact on how you feel and move.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 6: Eat Like You’re Going to Live Forever” (pp. 149-192)

Assessment 1: 800-Gram Count

We credit our friend and nutrition coach EC Synkowski for coming up with this brilliant and simple way to ensure you’re hitting your daily intake of vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc – eat 800 grams of fruits & vegetables every day.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to page 158 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: Kitchen scale & notebook or journal

Assessment 2: Protein Count

Although most people are eating protein everyday, many are coming up short. While there are differing opinions on exactly HOW much protein is the proper amount, we’ve synthesized from knowledge and experience a simple recommendation: 0.7 – 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to page 160 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: Kitchen scale & calculator

Physical Practices:

• Consume 800 grams of fruits & vegetables
• Consume individualized grams of protein

Stacked Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)
• Walk 8-10K steps (Practice nose-only breathing while walking) (From Day #4)

Equipment Needed: None

Extra Credit: Rucking or Barefoot Walking Technique

Equipment Needed: Backpack (if Rucking)

Follow Along Mobilizations (2)

Equipment Needed: Ball or Roller