It’s Day #3 of our 10-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

Two days down. High five. Now you have a couple physical practices you can work into your day (Floor-Sitting & Nose-Only Breathing) as well as a handful of mobilizations to go back to if/when you feel they’re needed. Arrows in the quiver. Onward!

Day #3 features a classic of ours – COUCH STRETCH. The real focus here is on your ability to extend your hips. When you think about what we’re built for, it’s getting up and down, walking around carrying stuff, and swinging or throwing objects. All of which require hip extension. Sadly, many (most, really) humans lack hip extension. Some more critically than others.

Today’s Test will challenge your hip extension and be complemented by a mobilization designed to improve upon it.

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Vital Sign 3: Extend Your Hips

Hip extension is both an essential ingredient in good functional movement AND a deterrent against pain. It’s what helps you go up and down stairs or sit for extended periods of time without knee pain. It’s what allows you to stand at a concert or over a stovetop without getting spasms in your back. Restoring access to hip extension is one of the most empowering accomplishments you can achieve in your life.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 3: Extend Your Hips” (pp. 76-99)

Assessment: Couch Test

The Couch Test is one of the best ways to determine how well you can extend your hips. It’s an easy test to work into your life – do it at the end of the day while watching the news or a show.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to page 83 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: None

Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)
• Practice nose-only breathing throughout the day (From Day #2)

Equipment Needed: None

Extra Credit: Kneeling/Standing/Couch Isometrics

Equipment Needed: Wall or Couch

Follow Along Mobilizations (2)

Equipment Needed: Roller and Wall or Couch