It’s Day #2 of our 10-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

Nice work completing the first day of this 10-day journey. Hopefully you found time to do both the Physical Practice AND Mobilizations throughout your day.

Day #2 is all about the BREATH. Your Test/Retest will be a Breath-Hold Test and your Physical Practice will have you doing a very specific form of breathing that we consider one of the three fundamentals to “breathing well.”

Make sure to watch all the videos below, including the Morning Spin-Up Mobilization video, which is one of our FAVORITES and a GO-TO for each morning.

It’s time to BREATHE!

Vital Sign 2: Breathe Easy

We all do it. We do it without thinking. But we don’t all do it WELL. Vital Sign 2 is an exploration into this essential human function and the various ways we use intentionality around our breathing to unlock remarkable benefits.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 2: Breathe Easy” (pp. 52-75)

Assessment: Breath-Hold Test

The primary goal of this Test is to gauge your ability to endure higher levels of CO2. It’s not as accurate as a lab test, but it will give you a benchmark to re-test against to measure improvement.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to pp. 55-56 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: None

Physical Practice: Nose-Only Breathing

Humans are built to primarily breathe through our noses. It’s a far better filtration system, and it almost always triggers more efficient breathing mechanics, like inhaling with the diaphragm. It can also cure sleep apnea and snoring and improve blood pressure.

As your Physical Practice today, find stretches where you intentionally nose-only breathe and work to become more aware of those moments when you revert to mouth breathing.

The more you can nose breathe throughout your day (even during workouts!) the better you will feel.

Stacked Physical Practices

Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)

Equipment Needed: None

Extra Credit: Tape Your Mouth Closed

Use a postage-stamp-sized square of fabric tape and tape the mouth horizontally before you turn off the lights for bed. Go gradually if needed – try ten minutes, then twenty, working up to a full night of sleeping with the mouth taped.

Follow Along Mobilizations (3)

Equipment Needed: Roller or Large Ball, Small Ball (Volleyball)