S1EP3: Jeff and Mikki Martin

Brand X Method training

How We Train Kids

As parents who are fitness and health professionals, Kelly and Juliet are constantly having conversations with teachers, parents and coaches about how to set kids up for healthy lives. In this episode, we take a crack at understanding how to think about kids’ fitness. Jeff and Mikki Martin are a husband and wife coaching duo with more than a decade of experience training kids to be great movers who are set up to be athletes for life. They are the founders of The Brand X Method with training centers around the world.

For more info, check out The Brand X Method!

Books mentioned in the episode:
Spark, by John Ratey (36:25)
Brain Rules, by John Medina (36:33)

Check out the Canadian infographic mentioned in the episode!


2 thoughts on “S1EP3: Jeff and Mikki Martin

  1. Avatar
    Louise Anne Dawkins says:

    Hi, can you give us the name of the book (s) that Jeff and Mikki recommend…about how movement enhances learning? I can’t hear the title and author clearly enough to find it via a google search. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Schwartz
    Lisa Schwartz says:

    Hi Louise Anne!
    Here are the books mentioned in the episode. I’ve added them in the description above with links.
    Spark, by John Ratey (36:25)
    Brain Rules, by John Medina (36:33)

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