In On The Conversation: Ian McKeown

Welcome to a new series we’re calling “In on the Conversation.” Does that title need explaining? You need a little more? Okay. Here you go:

The Ready State is tip of the mobility spear, and as such we find ourselves working with and alongside some remarkable coaches and their athletes. The exchange of information is two-way and the coaching insights are too numerous to count. Oftentimes we’ll incorporate our learnings into some of the programming we include for our Virtual Mobility Coach subscribers, or the programming for our athletes in the gym.

We thought you might enjoy a seat at the table for some of the conversation, and so here we are.

First up: Ian McKeown, Head of High Performance at Port Adelaide Football Club. He’s working in what he calls the ultimate sport, with 6’6”, 250+ pound athletes regularly running as much as 10 miles per game…not to mention all the other athletic-y things required of the sport.

We talked the mistakes of our younger selves, how to build adaptive athletes, biggest changes over the past 10 years in sports performance, and much more.

Dig in.

7 thoughts on “In On The Conversation: Ian McKeown

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  2. Avatar
    mark says:

    Enjoyed that Macca.

    Shows how working cohesively can impact not just behind the scenes in development, but transition to the players the oval.

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    Penny Will says:

    Great conversation. Encouraging to hear that many of us invest time and money in keeping up with networking etc. Disappointed I didn’t get the chance to meet Kelly in San Fran a couple of weeks back due to last minute change in travel arrangements…

  4. Avatar
    Dr Chris Fleming says:

    Great to see this incredible sport being covered here – and a really great conversation to boot. But is there any reason for the teeth-grindingly banal jazz in the background? Could we at least bring the volume down even if we don’t sack the composer?

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