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My 10-Minute Morning Mobility Routine

I am asked two questions a lot.  Like, a lot.   Do you have a simple and quick 10 minute morning mobility routine? What does your morning look like?  The answer to both is actually the same. But before I dive into the goods, let me quickly explain my thinking and how my morning “practice” has evolved. …Read More

In On The Conversation: Ian McKeown

Welcome to a new series we’re calling “In on the Conversation.” Does that title need explaining? You need a little more? Okay. Here you go: The Ready State is tip of the mobility spear, and as such we find ourselves working with and alongside some remarkable coaches and their athletes. The exchange of information is …Read More

Why You Should Move and Exercise With Your Feet Straight-(er)

Let’s just say it outright: having full access to your body’s potential is harder than it sounds. This is especially true as modern people. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just not practical to squat barefoot on the subway or in the boardroom. In the well-defined tug-of-war that is nurture vs. nature, we can change the …Read More

Ground Game: Why Sitting More On the Ground Can Transform Your Life

Human beings have been around for a long time. I am fond of saying that we look remarkably similar to the way we did even just ten-thousand years ago. Our femurs are probably a little longer now, and we’re all a little fatter. But, we would easily recognize ourselves in our proto-modern family members. So what? …Read More