1. General Registration Info

    * Virtual Live Courses require a Zoom account to attend the course. Please provide your Zoom account name so we can confirm your attendance on the day of the course.

    2. Review Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What happens after I sign my waiver?

    A: After you finish going over the FAQs, your next step is signing the online waiver. After you sign your waiver, we receive an email to approve the waiver. Before approving the waiver, we must first confirm that you have completed the mandatory course prerequisite. We will check our 101 online course completion records for your name. If you have completed the 101 course, the waiver is approved right away. If you have signed up for the 101 online course, but haven’t yet completed it, your waiver will go in a queue to wait for the completion of the 101 course. The waiver will be approved once the 101 course is completed. If there is no record of you purchasing the 101 course online, you will receive an email requesting you send proof of purchase or a copy of your certificate to [email protected] from our previous in-person CF Mobility course. Once we receive the certificate, your waiver will be approved and you can continue through the registration process.

    Q: Why can’t I seem to continue through the course registration process?

    A: Generally if you are unable to continue it is because you have not signed your waiver or you did not attend both full days of the virtual “live” portion of the course.

    Q: What time is the course?

    A: The two-day course begins promptly at 8 a.m (Pacific) both days. We have a lot of material to cover! Please sign in a bit early to make sure you have no technical difficulties. You will have a lunch break and several short breaks throughout both days. We understand that it is difficult to concentrate on a zoom video for long periods of time. Unfortunately, we can only guarantee that we can let you in once a day - in the morning. If you are unable to attend the full two days, this may not be the course for you.

    Q: When will I get my manual?

    A: We will email you a PDF of the course manual shortly after you register for the course. Additionally, we will mail you a hard copy of the course manual. It may not arrive prior to the in-person portion of the course because the mail system (especially internationally) is quite unreliable during the pandemic, but you will have access to the PDF manual and can use that to take your tests if needed.

    Q: What do I need to bring to the course?

    A: The webinar is held on the Zoom platform. For the webinar, you will need the following:

    *Personal electronic device meeting Zoom system requirements, with camera, microphone, and active internet connection (laptop or tablet preferred)
    *The Zoom platform downloaded on your device
    *Suitable clothes for working out
    *Two lacrosse balls taped together or a MobilityWOD Gemini
    *A single lacrosse ball
    *A VooDoo Floss Band
    *A larger ball like a softball, MobilityWOD Supernova, or a rubber princess ball like you’d find at a drug store.
    *A green jump stretch band or friend with a green jump stretch band (a bike tube will work in a pinch but we encourage you to have a proper band). We think the most universally useful band is the Green Rogue Monster Band.
    *A scraping tool
    *A dowel, PVC pipe, broomstick, or similar object
    *Paper and pen to take notes
    *If at all possible, we highly recommend you have a partner to practice on during the course. If you can safely have a partner join you for some or all of the webinar, it will help you get more out of the course. Practicing the techniques from the course in real-time will increase your retention and understanding of the material. But please only seek out a partner who you can safely be in close contact with for two days.

    Q: How long do I have to take the test after the course ends?

    A: We recommend you complete the course within 7 days after the zoom portion of the course. For example, if your course ends at 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday, you should complete it by the following Sunday. We have noticed attendees have better success with the test if it’s taken soon after the "live" course ends.

    Q: What if I do poorly on the exam?

    A: That’s totally fine. Our test is open book and open note and we give you several chances to pass the tests. Of course, don’t use this as an excuse to slack off – you do need to pass the test and we recommend you consider the test part of the learning process. But, know that if you have a bad day, you can still earn your certification.

    Q: Will I get a certificate?

    A: Yes. After you pass the tests and complete the survey, your certificate is automatically generated and can be downloaded and printed from your course platform.

    Q: What continuing education units (CEUs) is this course eligible for?

    A: We have been approved by the following organizations for continuing education credits as follows: ACE: CEP125759 @ 1.5 CEUs, AFAA: provider #11,770 @ 15 CEUs, NASM: provider #4,045 @ 1.6 CEUs, ACSM @ 10 CEUs.

    Q: Once I pass the course, what can I call myself?

    A: You will be a certified The Ready State Mobility Coach and can use the following initials to denote your certification: TRS-C. So, for example, on professional documents, Dr. Kelly Starrett would use: Kelly Starrett, DPT, TRS-C

    Q: When can I start integrating this material into my coaching practice?

    A: As soon as you feel comfortable integrating our assessments, systems, and strategies into your coaching practice. It’s really up to you!

    Q: Once I earn my certification, will I be listed in The Ready State Provider Directory List?

    A: Absolutely. After you graduate and print your certification, and if you are not already listed, you’ll be given the opportunity to add yourself to the TRS Provider Directory of Certified Professionals. You will be able to create a comprehensive profile that can be viewed by potential clients. You will denote the various “badges” based on which of our certifications you have completed, as well as a provider badge, if you are also a provider. TRS Provider List has an amazing search feature so that clients hoping to find a TRS Certified Mobility coach near them will quickly and easily be able to find you and learn about your coaching and services. If you are already listed in our directory, you will update your TRS Coach's badge to your profile after you complete this course. You can update it on your own by logging into the TRS website, going to "My Account", "Account Information", and clicking on the "TRS Directory" icon.

    Q: What if I have questions or want to connect with other TRS Coaches after the course?

    A: You can request to be invited on Facebook to our exclusive TRS Coach Community Facebook page after you complete the course. This is a great place to ask questions, share stories, and just generally connect with the TRS staff and other TRS coaches.

    3. Review Course Waiver

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